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This is not just a blade people are buying for their brush cutter, this is a blade that people are buying a brush cutter for. Strangely enough, some people are also buying this blade, just to collect. Now I like making things, not collecting things. So it is beyond my simple mechanical brain, why anybody would want to collect anything, let alone a brush cutter blade, but there you go. So if you finish your clearing project, or buying a new model, don’t throw the old one out. Spray some oil over it and put it away somewhere dry. Older models in good condition, might actually appreciate in value. Who would have thought. 

This blade is the business end of any brush cutting, all a brush cutter does is provide the power and direction. It does not care is it being driven by a brush cutter that cost less than it does or a large $1000 + machine. The only difference is how long the machine will last, not this blade.

Tired of changing nylon lines, or metal blades that are not very effective.

Fed up with grass always wrapping around the gear head.

Want one blade, that easily cuts and mulches up everything, then this BrushDestructor Blade is for you.

Don’t believe me, then watch these videos

This time-lapse video above shows how easy and quick it is, to clear fire hazard fuel load around your house on your bush block property. With only a brush cutter or weed whacker, fitted with a BrushDestructor blade. The area shown in this time-lapse video was cleared using only one tank of fuel (0.65L) in an old 22cc Honda 4 stroke brush cutter and in approximately 1 and a half hours. After the first clearing of undergrowth, it is very easy and quick to keep large areas clear of undergrowth.

This time-lapse video, shows what can be cleared with a BrushDestructor blade and upgraded long shaft Honda brush cutter, in two hours and using two tanks of fuel.

Below are the benefits you will get when using a BrushDestructor blade

No Stopping to fix worn or broken lines, to change metal-blades to suit different materials. This beast easily cuts everything from grass, up to 200mm (8”) diameter hardwood gum trees.

No wasted time spent untangle grass and weeds wrapped around the gear head, due to the exclusive vertical anti-fouling blades that grind away and spit out anything that wraps around the brush cutter gear head.

It cuts faster, it mulches and it will clear more ground than any other metal-blade, which is why more and more commercial clearer’s are choosing BrushDestructor-blades.

Cuts nonstop for the whole tank of gas; no stopping to change, adjust or untangle anything.

More cutting power thanks to the heavy mass of the hub, it gives short term reserve flywheel power to cut through that extra tough grass or that thick branch, especially for those with lower power brush cutters.

Longer life of your brush cutter gear head because the combined effect of the flail-blades, that bounce out of the way and the flywheel mass of the hub absorbs much of any impact shock loads which would normally go straight into the gear head when using a solid blade.

Less wear on the clutch of your brush cutter, weed eater or whipper snipper, because the toothed blades cut instead of smashing their way through woody plants compared to a knife blade. And less drag compared to a multi tooth chisel blade, as only one tooth is cutting at any time.

Fuel saving and wear and tear on your brush cutter and the BrushDestructor-Blade, as many grasses and soft weeds cut just as well and in many cases better with a lower engine speed.

Cost saving as the Flail-Blades can easily be kept sharp and you only need to replace the flail-blades when they have worn down.

Want to know more about all the different types of brush cutter blades, what each type is good and not good for. Go to this page for all you need to know, to help you choose the best blade for your needs.

different types of brush cutter - weed whacker blades

1.0 – About Us

On this page you will find links to more information;

on how to contact me, why even develop a brush cutter blade, my history & skills, testing to Australian Standards and where these blades are made.

This photo links you to the about us page on the BrushDestructor web site

2.0 – Blade Models & Spares Parts

On this page you will find links to more information on;

The Current Model-21 Blade and how and why it differs from the previous models before it. A Problem, Causes, Solutions Page, where you can read about all the problems found with the BrushDestructor Blade and the measure taken to solve them. History of the Previous Models of Blades and a page on how to determine and order the right spare parts for your model blade. European Union Safety Warning and how it affects the sale of this blade in EU Member Countries and a warning about inferior Chinese copies.

This photo links you to the page of all the different blade models

3.0 – Other Products

On this page you will find links to an increasing range of products;

Starting with the Anti-Vibration Gloves that has now been available for a number of years. I am also now selling upgrades for the Honda 35cc brush cutter to turn it into a true Heavy Duty Brush Cutter that will work perfectly with the BrushDestructor blade.

This photo links you to the page giving further information on all of the Honda upgrade options

4.0 – Knowledge Page

On this page you will find links to lots of information on;

How To install, check and sharpen the BrushDestructor Blade, plus all information you could ever need to make an informed decision when Buying Your New Brush Cutter or Blade. A page of Questions asked by customers, and common sense easy to understand Answers to those questions. Plus links to Action Videos.

This photo links you to a page with all the information needed to make an informed decision to when purchasing a brush cutter

5.0 – Customer Reviews

On this page you will find reviews and photos from customers, from all around the world and is a must read if you should consider buying one of these blades.

This photo links you to a page with reviews from satisfied BrushDestructor blade customers

6.0 – Legal Page

If you decide you would like to buy one of these blades, then before you purchase, it is very important that you read the contents of this page that covers, guarantee, fitting and operating  instructions, Disclaimer and finally terms of use.


With the exception of the steel which is made and lasered in China. this product is Designed, tested, assembled, wrapped and mailed by myself only in the small mountain village of Comboyne, NSW, Australia.


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7.0 – Purchase Page

I have been asked on many occasions, why it is so hard to find the purchase page on this site, well the truth is, it has been designed that way.

This product comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee, so I cannot afford for this product to be bought on a whim and then told it is being returned because it does not fit on my bent shaft line trimmer. Or have the blade returned because it does not cut as well as promoted, only to find out through follow up conversation that it was mounted up side down and so running backwards.

Yes this product does come with a money back guarantee, but you must bare the return mail cost, before the purchase price is refunded.

Before clicking on the photo below, I would much prefer you to take your time, research everything that is offered on this site and other sites. So that you can make an informed decision that this is not only the best blade on the market, even at its very high price, but that it is the right blade for you, your needs and your machine.

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