2.1 – New Model-22 Blade

On this page, you can read about this new model BrushDestructor blade and the improvements over the previous Models of BrushDestructor blades. Read more about the ongoing development and extreme testing that will make this next model blade even tougher and safer than all previous models. I only sell the latest model of blade, but have plenty of spare parts for blades going back to the Model-15 Blade.

2.2 – Problems, Causes, Solutions

Find out about all the failures, problems and the ongoing development that has made it the best WhipperSnipper, WeedEater, BrushCutter-Blade money can buy.

2.3 – Past Model Blades

Find out about all the past models and the evolution of the BrushDestructor Blade to where it is today.

This page will also help past customers, recognise what model blade they own, should they require any replacement parts and Links to Spare Parts Purchase Pages.

2.4 – Safety Warning

If you are seriously thinking of buying a BrushDestructor Blade, or any non standard metal brush cutter blade. Then you should read this first, especially if you live in one of the EU Member States as theses types of brush cutter blades are now prohibited in these countries.

2.5 – Inferior Chinese Copy

This was something I expected would happen sooner or later as my blade became more popular and respected. Unfortunately this confirms what everyone had warned me about, not to get my blade made in China. Sadly many Chinese companies may be untrustworthy, but I know that there are still some trustworthy and honourable Chinese companies to be found if you look hard enough.

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