Please read carefully before proceeding with your Purchase of the BrushDestructor blade.

A large number of sales are now coming from word of mouth by very satisfied customers, (and I thank them for that). However this has created a situation where buyers are going straight to the purchase page without reading through this site to determine if this is the right blade for them.

This blades has been designed and constructed to be as tough and as safe as is possible within the limits of metals available and the weight limit that can be hung off the end of a brush cutter. However this blade is not indestructible and it never ceases to amaze me how innovative people can be when it comes to breaking it. Each failure, has lead to an improved safer model blade.

This BrushDestructor blade is a very expensive investment on your part and reading below will help you determine if this investment is right for you.

This blade has been designed as a fire hazard reduction tool, to cut & mulch everything from standard grass, too long stringy grass, too tough vines, too all regrowth saplings up to 100mm in diameter. And to smoothy transition back and forth between all of the above materials as you clear away unwanted bush on your property.

The use of this blade comes with the responsibility to use it how it was designed to be used and to be prepared to do the regular inspections and maintenance required for the safe use and longevity of this blade.

This blade has been designed to be most effective with sharp teeth, however with blunt or not teeth, it becomes no more effective than a standard tri-blade supplied with your brush cutter. If you are not prepared to keep the teeth sharp, than it would be more cost effective for you to stay with the standard tri-blade.

If you own a bicycle handle brush cutter, this blade may not be suitable for you. This is because bicycle handle machines, do not give you fine and responsive control of the cutting head that you would get from a loop handle brush cutter. Meaning you are far more likely to hit rocks or other obstacles and quickly take the sharp edge off the teeth, requiring more time spent sharpening the teeth on the Flail-Blades.

This blade is not designed for close ground clearing, as the risk of hitting stones hidden in the grass and even dust sitting on these plants. Will quickly sand blast the flail-blades away, as can be seen by this photo, where this damage was done by the end of the first tank of fuel.

I recommend staying at least 300mm away from the ground, on the first pass of clearing a new area of bush. You can come back in a month or two and do a closer cut, after all the mulch has settles and started to rot away exposing any rocks and other hard objects.

If you have used a standard metal blade for some time and become use to the method of rev and bash, then this blade would not be a good investment for you. This is because brush cutters have been designed to run at high revs, so that a nylon line can smash and rip its way through soft vegetation. So if you don’t think that you can adapt your’e cutting technique of running the brush cutter at lower revs and applying gentle pressure to allow sharp teeth to do the cutting, than this is definitely not the right blade for you.

Even though this blade is used by a large number of stand alone commercial operators, one who even quickly puts a cover over the blade so that no one can see it, as it give him a considerable marketing edge over his competition.  For the large commercial operator using a number of brush cutter operators, who have low respect for their tools or how they use them, I do not think this blade would be financially viable choice for your business.

This blade uses pivoting Flail-Blades and a Rubber Impact Absorber, to absorb the occasional impacts with hard objects that is unavoidable with brush cutting through thick bush. That give is to help minimise the damage to the cutting teeth of these blade. This shock absorption feature, does not mean that you can bash your way through woody material with a blunt blades as some customer do, because eventually the Rubber Impact Absorber will fail.

Below you can see how the impact absorber has failed and the flail-blade become wedged between the top and bottom hubs and I am told that it is very hard to get out.

Even though this blade is very effective at cutting all types of grasses, even in a blunt stage. There seems to be a trend, where it is increasingly being used in residential properties and even being used as an edger. This is not what this blade was designed for, the edging of pavement and hitting concrete or stone walls will cause excessive wear of these flail-blades and the early failure of the rubber impact stop.

If you are not prepared to spend the maintenance time to check for cracks, keep the teeth sharp and keep the pivot bolts rotating freely. Then this is not the blade for you.

This blade, cuts better at lower revs, however if you have become accustomed to using full revs and don’t think adapt to using lower revs. Then this is not the blade for you.

If you have developed the bad habit of cutting on the backward stroke, which is when you swing the brush cutter from your left to your right, or when you are using the 12 to 4 o’clock area of the cutting head. Hitting an object with the 12 to 4 o’clock area of a blade, causes the blade to dig in and then flail-blades are flung backwards and forwards with greater velocity than the blade is traveling, Resulting in massive kickback.


If you think that this blade will absorb that kickback to spare that shock going to your brush cutter. Then this is not the blade for you.

You should only ever cut on the forward stroke, (right to left), which allows you to cut cleanly through the job.


This blade has been designed and tested over the last twelve years using a 22cc & 35cc Honda brush cutters and so I cannot guarantee the longevity and integrity of this blade when used on higher powered brush cutters. So if you own a very powerful brush cutter and don’t think you can adapt you’re cutting technique to use sharp teeth, not rev and bash. Then this is not the blade for you.

If what has been said on this page offends you, Then this is not the blade for you.

However, used correctly, you will be amazed at the ability of this blade to clear all manner of overgrown vegetation and at its longevity. See Customer REVIEWS.

Speaking of Longevity, I have had two customers come back to me complaining that the steel is not hard enough and this blade does not last as long as implied on this web site. Probably because I have mentioned that I have had to lower the hardness of the steel for liability reasons.

At the original hardness of HRC 48, a hard impact would likely chip a large chunk of the blade off. Going down to HRC 47, a hard impact could chip the whole tooth off. With the current hardness of HRC 46,  the cutting edge of the tooth with deform without chipping. So with the high speed impacts that a flail blade has to deal with, there is only three levels between being too hard and brittle and being too soft where the tooth looses its edge too quickly. However, the difference between these hardnesses makes very little difference, as to how quickly the metal can be sand blasted away.

The photo below sent in by customer, shows the wear of the flail-blade after only a few tanks of fuel, compared to a new blade. I asked him return the blade for inspection and testing.

I resharpened these flail-blades using the new M-22 sharpening jig to mark the now tooth line, and then tested these blades myself for a couple of tanks of fuel.

Below is the same flail-blade after a couple of tanks of fuel, where you can see that the edge of the tooth is polished off, after clearing everything from grass to 100mm saplings.

When you look closely, you can see that most of the sand blasting of the flail-blade is on the underside, which suggest to me that this blade was used for close ground clearing. If the sand blasting was even on top and bottom surface with a nice round edge, this would suggest that it was used in a very dusty environment where there was a lot of dust sitting on leave and the bark of trees being cut.

If you live in a very dusty environment, or must cut close to the ground, do us both a favour and use the blade supplied with your brush cutter. If you are not happy with its performance and you obviously wont be if you are looking for something better. Grind some shredding teeth on the front edge, this will improve the performance of that blade.


This BrushDestructor Blade is a retirement business for me to keep my mind sharp and body exercised.  The high price of this blade, comes from its complex design, the number of parts in this blade and the very small production runs which give me the ability to make very quick changes to the design if a customer finds a weakness in some part of the blade. It never ceases to amaze me, how innovative people are at breaking things.

I have taken no income from designing, making and selling this blade over the years. All income from the selling of this blade, goes back into R & D to make it better, safer and stronger. My reward is in providing a quality product and service to help myself and other people affordably manage their fire hazard risks around their homes.

Sadly over the years, I have had to reduce the hardness of the steel a couple of times, to make it less brittle and less likely to break sending bits of blade flying out at high velocity that could seriously injure someone. As a result, the average user has to now put up with a blade with lower teeth wear resistance, all to make this blades safer for a small number who have more money than sense.

At almost 70, I am getting tied of the assembly, wrapping and endless hours every night replying to emails. So instead of trying to grow the business, I have been actively putting obstacles in the way, like making the purchase page hard to find, increasing the reading requirement (like this page) and now passing on the increases in material prices which I have been carrying, to keep sales to about one sale per week day (a max of 15 to 20 sales a month, which is my personal sweet spot). I would like to have time in the future to get back into making informative, How To videos, which are very time consuming to produce, but is something I really enjoy doing.

Congratulation on making it this far, I will sell to anyone that has made their way to the bottom of this page, but I do feel guilty selling this blade that is designed to last a very long time, to someone who has taken the delayed-euthanasia-bioweapon shot and not live long enough to benefit from this investment.

At the moment, my processing and mailing of orders has been very haphazard, as I have become involved with the freedom movement, to try and prevent the takeover of Australia and the world by the 4th Reich. Everything that is happening in the world at the moment, it is not about a virus or vaccine, but about conditioning the human population to accept and demand a more authoritarian governments. Klaus Schwab, with his young globe leaders program, that has infiltrated every government in the world, is now in lockstep to bring in a new world order by 2030. Because many people are waking up, that 2030 timeline has been brought forward to 2023.

This video I took, is a live recording of some of the speeches and music played at this amazing event, so you can experience what it was like to be there and maybe motivate you to get involved with saving Australia and the rest of the world. Sadly, all of these people marching for freedom in Canberra, didn’t make the slightest bit of difference.

The last Federal elections here in Australia, was totally orchestrated for Labour to win, but in the process of winning, they have exposed themselves for who they really are and how they have achieved this.

Below is a group of videos by Tim Dwyer, a very brave Australian who exposes how our Freedom and Commonwealth have been stolen from us.

Election Fraud – It Matters Not Who Votes only Who Counts The Vote.

Lesson 1 – Basic Constitution.

Lesson 2 – The Constitution States You Are Sovereign.

Counter Terrorism Task Force

The Great Deception 1 – The Complete Theft of a Nation.

The Great Deception 2 – Our Parliament, has Sworn an Oath to a Foreign Power.

This video explains, what is happening to our world.
Monopoly – Who owns the world by Tim Giesen
This video explains everything in one hour, that has taken me several year of sifting through hundreds of videos and articles to figure out.
Want to know what the Corona Virus and Vaccines really are, watch these videos. You will learn that CV19 stands for Cobra Venom 19, the 19 way this venom kills and they all match the way people are now dying of covid.
Haven’t got time to watch this now, than save this page so you can come back to it later, as the information in these videos will inform you on how you can save yourself and your children, from this planned culling of the human population, that all the western world politicians are complicit in.
This is a short 15 minute movie by Omeleto titled;
A man lives in a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones.

Sadly this is what life will be by 2030, for those that are still alive. You have to love the technology of where mobile phones are taking us. You will also be please to know that the kill switch for all new cars will be mandatory by 2026 and like in China the registration price of cars will go up every year. So that eventually you will not be able to afford the registration and it will be cheaper to upgrade to a new car.

This has to be one of the best interview of Riccardo Bosi by The IrishInquiry, Aisling O’Loughlin.

And then of cause, there is weather manipulation, to distract us and wreck havoc to the food supply.
If you think the drought and unusual heavy rains events are natural, think again. By controlled cloud seeding, you can make rail fall out to sea, so the the air flowing over land is very dry or cause it to fall over land. Was the last super heavy rain event over the East Coast of Australia, a natural or man made event, watch these videos and decide for yourself.
Below is an example of chemtrails over our property, inland from Port Macquarie, a day before the second heavy flooding events on the East Coast of Australia.
This photo is of a stripped out passenger jet, which they can now get for almost nothing, since they have shut down the travel industry.  These commercial jets can now take off and land from any commercial airport and no one would question these flights. While on the ground, they can be loading fuel and the other chemicals, in full view of everyone and no one would question it. You can still see some of the overhead storage bins in the photo. Was the long delays in flights in Australia over the last Easter Holidays, partly caused by not having any spare planes, if one to two planes had to be taken out of service for technical issues, who knows.

What does Spray and Pray mean? 

Was the shutting down of the travel industry part of the plan to get access to cheap commercial aircraft and to modify some of the underground fuel tanks at closed down airports to take chemicals. So they can ramp up the next big scare to shut people down. CLIMATE CHANGE. Yes the over population of man is polluting the air and sea, but it is not us that is causing global warming.

Why would they do this, too again create another distraction to take peoples attention away from those dying from the vaccines. But also to hurt farming, to cause massive food shortages, famine and inflation. All everyone is thinking about now is petrol and food prices and less time to talk about the corruption of our politicians and who are they really working for because they are not working for the Australian people. Meet their real boss;

Go to any alternate video channels like Brighteon, Rumble, Bitchute and watch videos from;
If you have children, it is now up to you to save then, I am doing my small bit to save mine.
My apologies if the above has upset you, but you need to know what is happening.
If all this information above has not put you off buying a blade, I would be happy to sell you one.
I had actually expected that the addition of this information would have killed all sales, but strangely enough it has increased sales. I guess there is more prepper’s out there than I thought.


Prices for this blade and other products, are not shown on this page, as prices vary depending on what country you are purchasing from, as all prices include postage.

Please click on appropriate
yellow links below

Blade  –  Model-22

The new Model-22 blade is based on the Model-17 blade and for spare parts, share the same Flail-Blade, Anti-Fouling Blades, Rubber Impact Stop as the Model-21, Model-20, Model-19 and Model-17 blades.

Available in four options + option of gloves

While stocks last, you can order gloves with any of the blade options and save money.

I am phasing out of gloves, as less than 10% of sales order gloves and the amount of money tied up in stock makes it non viable. Being a designer, I like improving the design with each order, but this becomes very difficult with gloves because of the different sizes. Currently only have L and XL size gloves left.

At one stage I was selling Option-20 of the L size, option-19 of the XXL size and option-18 of the S size and I the mark up was not enough to dump stock at the end of each year, like the fashion industry.


All Replacement Parts, Sharpening Kit & Anti-Vibration Gloves in options – 2 to 4 are sold at lower cost, when purchased and shipped with the blade, due to savings in handling and mailing costs.

Opt-1; BLADE ONLY Is the best option if you are tied of replacing nylon line, who mainly want to control unruly grass and weeds that do not require keeping the teeth sharp, or commercial operators ordering multiple blades.

Opt-1G; Opt-1 + Anti-Vibration Gloves Save $15 on the price of the gloves, when purchased with blade.

Opt-2; BLADE + SHARPENING KIT Is the best option, if you want to clear larger properties, or areas of woody weeds that require the maintenance of sharp teeth to cut and mulch efficiently.

Opt-2G; Opt-2 + Anti-Vibration Gloves Save $15 on the price of the glove, when purchased with blade.

Opt-3; BLADE + SHARPENING KIT + SPARE FLAIL-BLADES Is the best option, if you want to clear and maintain larger lifestyle properties of woody weeds and saplings around the house for fire hazard reduction. I have generally found that customers have to wear through one set of Flail-Blades, before they develop the skill and control of the brush cutter to miss rocks.

Opt-3G; Opt-3 + Anti-Vibration Gloves Save $15 on the price of the glove, when purchased with blade.

Opt-4; BLADE + SHARPENING KIT + COMPLETE SPARE PARTS Has been requested by some customers who spend whole days away from home and want all spare parts on hand. It has also been requested by customers, who want the full set of replacement parts, just in case the business goes broke. Let’s hope that does not happen.

Opt-4G; Opt-4 + Anti-Vibration Gloves

Save $15 on the price of the glove, when purchased with blade.

Gloves – Anti-Vibration

Need to do a lot of clearing with a brush cutter or chain saw, then these gloves are a must. To read more about these gloves and their development. click photo below

Below is a chart to help you determine your hand size.

Currently only have L & XL sizes in stock.

I do have a small number of these offset loop handles for sale, for AU$25.00 including postage. The benefit of an offset handle, is that you don’t have to stretch your left hand so far across the front of you to hang onto the brush cutter. It also allows a much greater swing of the brush cutter, without resorting to winding up your back.

I also have only three 1.8m long carbon shafts left, which include offset loop handle and trigger control handle for US$200.00 Pick up only as too long to send by post.

This photo shows multiple views of the BrushDestructor Offset Loop Handle

It will fit 35cc Honda brush cutters, or any other brand of loop handle brush cutter with a 26mm shaft. The long shaft will only fit a 35cc Honda brush cutter.

Contact me if interested.


PLEASE NOTE; Unless the world comes out of it current melt down, I am no longer selling internationally. I have been having issues with orders taking a very long time to arrive, or not arriving at all. If you urgently want to order a blade, please contact me via email, however if you decide to go ahead with an order, I will no longer be refunding for loss of any parcel in the post. I have also cancelled my PayPal account and any future payments will need to be a direct transfer to my bank account. I will re-assess this next year, depending on what is happening in the world.

Spare Parts

Please carefully choose the link to the correct purchase page for where in the world you live.


Click here to visit the THANK YOU page, which includes Blade fitting, maintenance and refund instructions.