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Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check your Mailing Address on your PayPal receipt and if it is not correct in any way, please send me an email with any corrections. Postal services no longer make any effort to find the correct address, if there is a contact mobile number on the parcel, they might call this number, but that is the limit to their effort these days. They just return the parcel, but unfortunately not all parcels find their way back to me. A lost parcel, causes a lot of grief for you and me.

Your order will be put in the morning mail on either,

Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

In the little Plateau mountain where I live, we only have one early morning mail pickup three times a week and any orders coming in over night before one of those days may not make the following days pickup. Unfortunately, this can add an extra two days to the expected delivery times.

An email will be sent to you as soon as possible with the parcel tracking number.

Deliveries within Australia, generally take 3 to 4 working days.

Deliveries to USA & Canada generally take 8 to 10 days, but in some cases have taken 3 weeks. The hold up here is if there is a backlog at the US Customs checkpoint. When this happens it looks like it is sitting in Australia, but until it is released from customs and logged in by US or Canadian post, tracking shows it as still being in Australia.

Deliveries to South American countries varies from 2 to 6 weeks.

Deliveries to UK and EU countries, takes from 1 to 2 weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for purchasing a BrushDestructor Blade and I am confident that you will be very happy with this product.

To get the best from this brush cutter blade, please read all the instructions below before fitting and using your new blade.

Fitting To Your Brush Cutter

If you are not familiar with fitting a metal blade to your brush cutter, please visit your brush cutter Instruction manual, or you can also look at these videos, one of them should suit your brush cutter.

The Model-17, Model-19 & new Model-20 blades all mount to a brush cutter the same way.

Fitting BrushDestructor Blade instructions and videos

I have had a few queries from customers, stating that I had forgotten to include the mounting nut with the blade. This is because a number of brush cutter suppliers or their dealers are no longer supplying a blade mounting kit (which includes a spring washer, nut guard and reverse thread locknut). I am sorry but I do not supply the mounting locknut, as there are a number of different thread sizes used by the different manufacturers and for me to do so would add another cost to an already very expensive blade. Especially when most customers who purchase this blade, have already used a metal blade on their brush cutter and already have the blade mounting kit.

If you do not have a mounting kit, you only need to buy a reverse thread locknut from your brush cutter supplier, as the spring washer and nut guard are built in as part of the blade. So don’t get talked into buying the whole kit.

Operating Instructions

Always wear safety boots, heavy pants and helmet with a face shield when operating a brush cutter fitted with BrushDestructor blade. It can pick up and throw stones & other objects with considerable force.

Always take care around windows; small stones and debris can easily be thrown out breaking glass.

Always take care around trees of value, this blade is very aggressive and will easily eat away the bark severely damaging a valuable tree.

Always take care around rocks, concrete edging and other building structures, as hitting these materials will cause wear to blades but will also result in damage to these structures.  BrushDestructor blades are not edging tools; use the line trimming head supplied with your brush cutter for this for purpose.

To get the best from this blade, keep the teeth sharp and on the first pass of clearing stay clear of the ground, you can do a closer cut on the second pass a few weeks later when it is easier to see any hidden stones or other objects.

You will also keep the teeth sharper for longer, by using no more revs than is required to cut the job. With this blade, most grasses can be cut with the brush cutter running at a fast idle and woodier weeds generally require ½ to ¾ revs.

Safety Instructions

Always stop the brush cutter as soon as you notice any excessive vibration and perform a visual inspection to ascertain its cause. If one or more blades are chipped or damaged, resharpen all three blades equally; One damaged blade will cause the BrushDestructor to run out of balance, causing extra vibration, resulting in wear to your brush cutter and vibration induced tingling to your fingers which can last for hours.

Always inspect all parts of your blade for cracks, before each use and each time you refuel your brush cutter. Should you find that any of the flail-blades are bent or cracked, stop using the blade immediately until you replace the flail-blades. If either of the top or bottom hubs has developed any fatigue cracks, the strength of the metal will have been severely compromised. Although it has never happened, a compromised blade could possibly fail and the parts becoming high velocity projectiles which can travel considerable distances and could result in serious threat to property and life.

The top and bottom hubs, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and will be replaced free of charge if they are found to have developed fatigue cracks.

Always inspect the BrushDestructor blade before each use and each time you refuel to ensure that the pivot bolt nuts are all tight and able to rotate freely. Plant sap left to dry around the pivot bolt assembly can lock it up and prevent them from rotating freely. When the bolt assembly can rotate freely, the nut can never come undone.

Always ensure no other person or livestock are no closer than 40m (130ft) of you while operating your brush cutter fitted with a BrushDestructor blade.

Always operate brush cutter with care and respect; improper use could cause serious injuries.

Always read the Owner’s Manual & safety Instructions provided with your brush cutter to familiarise yourself with all safety, operating and maintenance requirements required to operate your machine.

Periodic Inspection

It is very important, that if you feel any increase in vibration through the handles of your brush cutter, you do an inspection of the blade. This is easy to do, by stoping the brush cutter and doing a visual inspection of the blade, to see if the blade is chipped, or if the bolt is coming undone. It is easy to spot a loose lock nut from arms length, as can be seen by the centre and left photos.

The photo below is of a Model-20 blade, as soon as weather permits, I will take new photos of the Model-21 blade shown what it looks like if a lock nut has come loose or disappeared.

Don’t wait until you feel extreme vibrations, indicating that you have lost a bolt, as unless you have a spare, your brush cutting is over for the day.

Inspecting Pivot-Bush for loose bolt

Even if you lose a lock nut, the pivot bush cannot come out and let a blade fly loose. As the bolt still has to work loose. You will also notice that as the bolt works its way OUT, this affects the balance of the blade and you will be given increase vibration warning. 


Maintenance Instructions

To get the best from this blade and longest life from this blade. It is important every time you refuel the brush cutter and before putting brush cutter away, to touch up the teeth so they are sharp, to spray some dry lubricant into the bush bearings and rotate them to clean out plant sap that can seize up bush from freely rotating.

If this plant matter is left to dry hard in the bush, this can result in two problems;

Firstly, it is important that it can rotate freely, so that when dropping the blade down of sapling stubble and this stubble hits the inside edge of the bolt, causing the bolt to turn in the undo direction. But if the whole Pivot Bush assembly can rotate freely, the bolt cannot come undone.

Secondly, if the Pivot Bush is not able to rotate freely, the Flail-Blade will wear a flat spot in the pivot bush. Once there is a flat spot worn into the bush, it will always resettle into this position, increasing wear, vibration and the bolt coming loose.

In normal dryer conditions the bush will rotate by itself and self clean itself.  But with wet grass and weeds, plant sap can build up in the pivot holes and when it dries, it will bind up the pivot bolt so that it cannot rotate.

To clean out this sap and get the pivot bolt to rotate freely again, use the brush cutter socket by placing on each bolt in turn and rotating the blade quickly several times in a clock wise direction.
This will shave out any sap build up on the bush, with cleaning edge (Red Arrow), and push it out through the clearing slot (Yellow Arrow).
I recommend that you do this every time you refuel the brush cutter and check that the bolt cannot be undone with your fingers. If it can, reapply Loctite and tighten up.
Then spray bush on both sides with a dry lubricant and rotate each bolt again before putting brush cutter away in storage.

Replacing Flail-Blades

The blade you will receive is the new Model-20 blade, the only difference between the Model-17 & 19 blades is the Pivot Bush and Top & Bottom Hubs. This new design has a left hand threaded bolt and any contact of the bolt head with the ground, wants to tighten the bolt, not loosen it as with the previous right hand threaded bolt.

This aim of this new design, was to make it easy to change blunt or damage flail blades out in the field while the blade is on the brush cutter with only the tools provided. Meaning that the bolt does not require loctite or need to be torqued up tight, to stay done up and the length of the sharpening jig provides all the torque required to keep this nut tight.
How to undo pivot bolts
HOWEVER, the prototype design used for testing was not nickel plated due to time delays in the plating industries.
BrushDestructor Pivot Bolt
The Production run is nickel plated and as I have found out, is super slippery, meaning that the bolt will not stay done up without the use of Loctite. After trying Removable, Medium and High strength Loctite, I have found that at least a Medium strength Loctite is required. The Removable Loctite, will not grip to the nickel plating and comes undone when moving the brush cutter up and down to mulch saplings.
The previous design Pivot Bolt assembly were zinc plated, but this process was adversely affecting the tempering of the bolt, making them more brittle and prone to failure.
The steel used in this new bolt, is designed for toughness, not high tension and so should not be done up really tight as with the previous Grade 12.9 rated bolt design.
To actually undo the pivot bolt in the field requires using the brush cutter wrench with the longer leverage to break the Loctite bond. To use the supplied bush wrench, you will need to scrape away the build up of plant sap to seat it properly so that it engages the bush head.

Don’t forget, to undo the pivot bolts, you have to turn the bolt clockwise and if using the jig spanner, make sure it is facing the right way so that you don’t slip and cut yourself on the tooth edge.

To Replace and Loctite the Pivot Bolts in place. Apply a small amount of Loctite (Red Arrow) to a screwdriver and then apply to the bolting face (Yellow Arrow) on the pivot bush. Do not apply any to nut bolting face, as only a very thin smear of Loctite is needed.

To tighten the bolt, rotate bolt in an anti-clockwise direction, as if you were undoing it.
How to keep pivot bolts free

To keep your Flail-Blades rotating freely and to get the longest possible life from the pivot bushes I recommend spraying with a dry PTFE or Silicone lubricant all over and into pivot  bolt area after each use. This keeps it rust free and allows the blades to rotate freely after long periods of storage. PTFE spray will leave a dry lubricant on the bearing surface and will extent bearing life.

Many people use CRC before storing their blade because it is what is sitting on the shelf, it is not proven yet, but over time CRC will cause more bush wear the interior surface of the bush will stay wet and attract dust. This dust will then mix with the CRC to form a grinding past, to increase wear.

As soon as I get a chance, I will do a video on how to quickly replace the flail blades in the field and how to resharpen the flail-blades both on and clamped together off the brush cutter for perfect rebalancing.

To keep the Flail-Blade teeth sharp, go to web site, select the How To Page, then select How to Sharpen BrushDestructor Flail-Blades for written and video instructions on how to do this.

To replace worn Flail-Blades, go to web site, select the How To Page, then select How to Remove and Replace Flail-Blades for written and video instructions on how to do this.

Please come back to my web site from time to time, to the “How To Page”, the  “Problems, Causes, Solutions” page and the “Questions And Answers” page, as I will be continually posting new videos and posts on how to get the best from your blade and your brush cutter. Plus videos on how to best maintain, change, sharpen and balance your flail-blades.

New Model-20 Gloves

As the older Model-18 gloves sell out, I will be sending out the new Model-20 Anti-Vibration gloves. .
The main improvement to these gloves, is the redesign of the wrist strap to accommodates the very large range in wrist sizes people have for any one size of glove. The new design is to makes it very easy to pull on, even a wet sweaty glove and also give multi layer protection to the vulnerable wrist area where there are lots of tendons and veins close to the surface.
But after using a pair of these gloves myself for a couple of hours, I have become aware of a major problem, but with an easy fix.
The inner wrist strap, has been made with a quadruple layer of different materials and the heavy duty stitching has made this part very stiff. I thought that they would only use the two velcro layers for this area, it just goes to show that you cannot assume anything.
The result is when you do both wrist straps up, inner strap being very stiff and straight puts a lot of pressure on the inside centre of your wrist and after a couple of hour this becomes quite painful.
I have found that by rolling the inner strap up tight on itself and the the outer strap stuck around the outside and leaving it overnight, puts a permanent curve to it which solves this problem. I have now sold several of these Model-20 gloves here in Australia and so far no one have had any issue with this fix, I hope you do not have any either.
If you roll your gloves up and shown in the middle right photo above and leave over night, it will take up this curve.

Legal Instructions

Disclaimer and Terms of Use in plain English.

This blade has been designed to meet the Safety Requirements in line with AUSTRALIAN STANDARD – AS 3575-1995.

Operation of this device in accordance with all the above instructions is strongly recommended to achieve the Safest Working Environment.

Although this blade is specifically developed for Fire Hazard Reduction, this product must not be used on Total Fire Ban Days, hitting stones will Create Sparks which can cause fires.

Knowledge and various skills of operators differs greatly from one individual to the next; We cannot guarantee your outcomes, nor are we responsible for any of your actions and shall in no event be held Liable to Any Party for Any Direct, Indirect, Punitive, Special, Incidental or Other Consequential Damages arising directly or indirectly from use or misuse of this brush cutter blade.

This BrushDestructor Blade, is Provided “AS IS” and has limited warranties; All Warranties and Liabilities is Limited to the Purchase Price of the Blade.

Refund Instructions

BrushDestructor Blades and Gloves comes with a one month MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you find that either of these products does not meet your expectations in any way, return within five weeks of the purchase date and your purchase payment will be refunded.

There are two conditions;

First; You must carry the cost of return items by Registered or Trackable mail and email the the tracking number to me before your PayPal payment or direct deposit can be reversed.

Second; A written explanation with the email, stating the reason why you found this blade unsuitable and if used what you found was wrong with it. If possible please also include what you think could be improved, to make these better products.

Your reply will in not be questioned in any way, it is only to allow us to continually strive to improve this product.

There is also a lifetime replacement warranty on the top and bottom hubs, if one of them should developed any fatigue cracks, send both top and bottom hubs back and you will be sent the latest hubs as replacements. It is important that I get to see any hubs or blades that show signs of fatigue or failure, to ascertain the problem and help make this a better stronger product going into the future.

Please email me should you have any problems.


I would appreciate it if you could find the time to let me know; what you are clearing, how you found this blade and or gloves work for you and especially if it didn’t work for you. Plus if you take any before and after photos of areas you have cleared, I would love to see some of those as well. It is this feedback that has made the blade what it is now and will keep improving it into the future.

Most of my sales come, not from the web site, but from word of mouth. So if you are happy with this brush cutter blade and or gloves, please share this knowledge with any friends who you think would benefit from using these products.

Your help, by sharing your experiences of these products would be greatly appreciated.