On these pages, you will find everything you will need to know about Brush Cutters and the Blades that you can fit to them. To Make Your Own Informed, Buying Decisions

Like the types of brush cutters, types of engines, sizes of engines, types of harnesses, types of blades, vibration and noise levels from brush cutters.

I would like to thank the import agents of Shindaiwa and Echo Brush cutters in Australian and New Zealand, for the inspiration to create this article. I ended up getting a new Echo brush cutter from them and I was very disappointed with my purchase decision even before the end of the first tank of fuel was used up. When I went back to them to see if they might consider changing it for a different model. I was informed that it was now second hand and that they had supplied exactly what I had chosen which I guess was fair enough.

It was only then, that I realised I had brought a product, based on some photos of it, because this company supplies hardly any useful information about it, or for that manner any of its brush cutters to allow me to make a correct and informed decision. After further research, I found that they are not alone. With the exception of Husqvarna, no one provides any real useful information for you to make an informed buying decision. This is probably why I have been asked on so many occasions, what brush cutter do I recommend. Obviously those other companies, don’t have enough marketing skills to know that buyers do, do a lot more pre-purchase research, or that some of their future customers have the knowledge to understand and want this information. Sadly, Stihl which I would consider as one of the two top brands for brush cutters, falls into this category.

As of July 2018, I have heard that the company Allpower, that import and distribute the Shindaiwa brush cutters, as well as a number of other brands, have gone out of business. Now I hate to see any company go out of business, but it is pretty hard to stay in business long term, when you offer shoddy customer service.

Hopefully these following pages will provide you with all the information you need to make your own informed decision, when buying your new brush cutter or blade and that you do not end up being bitterly disappointed with your purchase as I was.

I would like to point out that I do not sell brush cutters, I do not do myself any favours with manufacturers when I highlight some of their problems and I do not receive any commission for promoting any brands. I know from many years of experience, that all the major brands are of a very high standard, quality and reliability, but how do you decide what brand, type and size is best for your needs.

There are four major considerations to take into account when purchasing a brush cutter;

What type of brush cutter – loop handle, bicycle handle or backpack model.

What type of engine – 2 stroke of 4 stroke engine.

What size of engine – Is best for your needs.

What type of harness – Standard supplied, or upgrade harness.

What type of blade – Knife, Chisel, Smasher & Mulching

4.3.1 – Types of Brush Cutters

On this page I will be looking at the different types of brush cutters and the pros and cons of each type. I will also be looking at the cheap Chinese brush cutters that are prevalent now on online sites and the faults that can be found with them.

4.3.2 – Types of Engines

On this page I will be looking at the three different types of engines used to power brush cutters and the pros and cons of each type.

Types of weed whacker / brush cutter engines

4.3.3 – Size of Engines

On this page I will be looking at the range of engine sizes they come in and how to determine what size best suit your needs.

Sizes of weed whacker / brush cutter engines

4.3.4 – Types of Harness

On this page I will looking at the importance of a good harness, the unfortunate practice of new brush cutters being supplied with harnesses that are usually the simplest and cheapest like that shown on the left below. What makes this so unfortunate though, is the fact that so many people including myself. end up using an inferior harness, or because of this, no harness at all. Which can cause all sorts of back and shoulder issues.

Types of brush cutter / weed whacker harness

4.3.5 – Types of Metal Blades

On this one page you will find all the information on metal blades, that you cannot find anywhere else. Most people do not put any value on a metal blade, but when it comes to brush cutting, it is all about the blade. All a brush cutter does, is provide the power and direction. Learn about the types of metal blades, how to determine what is best for your needs and is the high priced BrushDestructor blade warranted for your needs.

types of metal blades

4.3.7 – Review of Brush Cutters

On this page you will find reviews of a brush cutters I have done, or working on. Starting with the Echo SRM420TESU shown in the middle below and followed by the Husqvarna 524LK, Honda UMK435. When these are finished I will be looking at the Stihl and Shindaiwa 4 stroke brush cutters. 

This information in these reviews, will also help you make a more informed decision when you come to buy a new machine. Even if none of these reviewed machines, are what you are looking at. The information in these reviews will help you ask the right questions about the machine you are looking at.

I will also be using the knowledge I have gained trying these machines, to develop my own brush clearing machine in the future.

review of brush cutter / weed whackers

 If you have any questions about brushcutters in general, or would like to share with me what you do and especially don’t like about your brush cutter, please email it to me. The more useful information I can add to this page, the more it will give future buyers of brush cutters the right information to make the right purchase decisions that best suits their needs.

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