4.3.3 – Size of Brush Cutter Engines

Engine sizes for petrol powered brush cutters vary from the low 20cc to 92cc which is the largest I have seen so far. I have both and ranges in between that and they all have their place.

Size of Brush Cutter Engines The small powered machines from the major brands are really great, they are easy to start, light and easy to throw around and much lower in noise and vibration. For the smaller properties and around the house, this is all you will ever need. The medium powered machines around the 30 to 35cc are I think the best size for clearing needs, when you take into consideration, power, weight, noise, vibration and fuel economy. Personally I think you do not need to go any larger than this, unless you are of a large build, strong and using it for commercial purposes. If you use sharp blades and keep them sharp there is absolutely no need to go to larger powered machines. There is an increasing trend to larger powered machines, especially in the cheaper Chinese built models found on eBay or Amazon. There seems to be a perception on these online sites, that more power is better, don’t fall for it. Many of these larger models are really heavy to carry & lug around, they are poorly balanced, more difficult to start, produce a lot more smoke, are much noisier, the vibration will rattle your teeth out and they eat expensive 2 stroke fuel. The 92cc monster on the left below, uses almost 5 times the fuel as the 25cc brush cutter on the right, but comes no where near to clearing 5 times the area in the same time. Smallest & Largest Brush Cutters (600x393) My advice to the average person is to not buy one of these larger machines, unless you can get to try using one before buying and you are happy with the disadvantages for that extra power that is offered. Another big problem with these larger machines, is vibration induced effects to the hands and arms, which you can Read About Here.   

If you have any questions about brushcutters in general, or would like to share with me what you do and especially don’t like about your brush cutter, please email it to me. The more useful information I can add to this page, the more it will give future buyers of brush cutters the right information to make the right purchase decisions that best suits their needs.

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