4.2.1 – Q & A – About BrushDestructor Blades

This page is about questions I am frequently asked about BrushDestructor Blades.

I now have a very extensive knowledge of this field and a lot of answers to common questions are already in the pages below. If it is not, please email your question and what I don’t know, I will find out for you.

Lately I have become overwhelmed with the number of emails, and so can no longer guarantee getting back to you personally in a timely manor. If that becomes the case with you, I apologies for that now. I do save these questions and where I have a lot of similar question, I will do a page replying to that question and will put a link to that page below.

4.2.1 – Will this blade fit my BrushCutter, WeedEater, WhipperSnipper?

This is the most asked question and Yes it fits most brands of brushcutters, weedeater and whipper snippers with a straight shaft gear head as most have standardised on a 25mm (1″) arbor mounting hole.

BrushDestructor Questions and Answers

4.2.2 – How long do your blades last?

This is the second most asked question and the hardest one of all to answer as it is one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions.

How long doe BrushDestructor Blades last


4.2.3 – Is my brush cutter powerful enough for this blade?

Yes, any straight shaft brush cutter can drive this blade, but the more power you have, the quicker you can clear an area. I have use a 14 year old 22cc Honda 4 stroke, clocking up well over a 1000 hours of testing and proving various prototypes with no problems and the smallest brushcutter Honda makes now is a 25cc model. The new model-17 blade is smaller and lighter than even the old two bladed model and is now even more easily driven by the smaller brush cutters.

The area shown in this time lapse video was cleared with only one tank of fuel (0.65L) in an old 22cc Honda 4 stroke brushcutter and in approximately 1 and a half hours. 


4.2.4 – Why are BrushDestructor Blades so expensive?

I do apologies for the very high price, I would love to be able to sell them cheaper, I would sell a lot more that way as the price is a big deterrent for a lot of people.

It is the continued ongoing development, it is the hundreds of hours testing, it is the cost of fabricating in Australia, it is the price of the steel, a steel so hard that a file will not touch it, yet still flexible and tough enough to handle the shock impact loads of hitting that hidden stone that is always there under those weeds. It is the custom made nut bolt and bush assembly that are made of high quality steel and to exacting standards. That they should for the average person, last the life of the brush cutter.

Hopefully the price will come down, as it is the long term aim to get large runs made in China, that still meets the high standards. But until I can ensure the quality controls are met and afford to order by the container load. Which is about 10,000 units, that will not happen and in the current market I do not want to borrow money for such an order.

There is an advantage in ordering in smaller runs and that is the ability to quickly improve the design as a problem has arisen. If I had 10,000 units sitting on the shelf and I became aware of a problem, I would be forced to do as some of the car companies have done and hide the problem hoping no one will notice and that is not the way I like to do business.


4.2.6 – Will The New Flail-Blades Fit My Extra Heavy Duty Blade?

Yes the new BrushCutter Flail-Blades will fit and can be used to replace the blades in both the older model Brush Destructor Blades, but there is a problem.

BrushDestructor new flail-blades in old model hubs


4.2.7 – I thought your blade would stop grass wrapping around my brush cutter head?

This is a good question and worthy of a reply and you reading about, if you have had to deal with this frustrating problem.

Clearing brush cutter head of fouled grass


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