4.2.6 – Will the Newer Flail-Blades fit my Model-11 Blade?

Yes the new BrushCutter Flail-Blades will fit and can be used to replace the blades in both the older model Brush Destructor Blades.

Below is the new Flail-Blades in the Heavy Duty hubs and Extra Heavy Duty Hubs shown below.

BrushDestructor's new Flail-Blades in old Heavy Duty HubsBrushDestructor's new Flail-Blades in old Extra Heavy Duty Hubs

Unfortunately the Anti-Fouling Blades in the Extra Heavy Duty model will need to be removed, or they will become a flying hazard. The front and rear edges of the new Flail-Blade do not line up with the old single Anti-Fouling Blade and in both the forward and rearward motion will quickly shear its way through allowing the top and bottom parts of the Anti-Fouling Blades to catapult outwards.

BrushDestructor new Flail-Blades in old hubs

Anti-Fouling Blade Rearward Shearing

This is an example of how the Flail-Blades start to shear its way through the Anti-Fouling Blades.


Below you can see a bottom view of how the new Flail-Blades will impact the bolt guard. These new blades shouldn’t damage the bolt guard quite as much as the old Extra Heavy Duty Blades as it is impacting at two points and spreading the load, but again it depends on how sharp you keep the teeth and how hard you push the blade.

Extra Heavy Duty Blade fitted with new Flail-Blades

To see the reasons why the I no longer sell the old Extra Heavy Duty replacement Flail-Blades to suit these older models, please refer to the article Flail-Blade Breaks Causing Injury in the Problems, Causes, Solutions Page.

If you have not sprayed your blade after each use to prevent the build up of plant sap and rust, than I recommend that before reassembling the new flail-blades into the old hubs, that you sand of the rust to check for any cracks. 

Sand grime of BrushDestructor hubs to check for any cracks 1

To do this, you will need to use an angle grinder with flapper sanding disc.

Angle Grinder and flapper disc to sand BrushDestructor Blade

Sand away the build up of sap and rust as shown below.

Sand grime of BrushDestructor hubs to check for any cracks 2

Than do a close inspection, to see if any crack have formed. It is very unlikely that you will find any, but it is a good practice to check anyway.

Sand grime of BrushDestructor hubs to check for any cracks 3

To get the maximum life from you blade and a long life from the pivot bushes, I suggest that you spray the whole blade and especially in and around the bushes with a dry lubricant spray as shown below. This particular PTFE Dry Lubricant spray will dry leaving a slippery lubricating film to reduce sap build up and lengthen the life of the bushes where no other liquid lubricant will stay when subjected to the very high centrifugal loads.

Maintain BrushDestructor Blade with Dry Lubricant

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