4.2.1 – Will the BrushDestructor Blade fit my BrushCutter?

Yes the BrushDestructor Blade will fit most brands of brushcutters, weedeater and whipper snippers. Providing your Brushcutter has a straight shaft, with a gear box gearhead at the end like the picture below. Your brushcutter can have either a loop or bicycle handle, it does not matter.

I get many question, asking if this blade will fit their bent shaft trimmer, unfortunately this blade or any metal blade cannot be fitted to a bent shaft line trimmer. This is because the end of the shaft is not capable of carrying the weight or has any way of fixing a metal blade.

The other problem with a bent shaft trimmer, is that due to not having a gearbox, the rotation of cut is clockwise, whereas all brush cutters with a gear box, the rotation of cut is anti-clockwise.

Your brush cutter can have either a 2 or 4 stroke engine, but it should be 25cc plus to drive this blade.

All brands of brush cutters with gearbox Gearheads that I have seen to date can accommodate a metal blade and if you can fit a metal blade to it, you can fit a BrushDestructor blade to it.

There are two things you need to check;

Arbor size

At a guess about 95% of gearheads have a standardised 25.4mm (1″) arbor mounting hole. But it would pay to double check yours by measuring your machine or a metal blade that you have previously used.

One way is to measure the arbor diameter of an old metal blade with a tape measure or Vernier as shown.

Measuring Bore diameter of an existing old blade

The other way is to measure the gear head shaft diameter of your brush cutter as shown below.

Measure shaft diameter of your brushcutter

Guard clearance

On some brush cutters, the guard is much closer to the shaft and can interfere with the blade rotation. Actually it doesn’t interfere with the blade, the blade will within the first few seconds, slice a slit into the guard without any effort. You should check that your brush cutter has a minimum of 180mm (7”) between the centre of the shaft and the closest point of the guard.

How to Check Guard Clearance

Guards that are attached to the shaft can easily be moved back; the guards that are screwed to the gearhead can be removed and moved back about 15mm. However you will need to drill new holes in the guard to do this, you can use the steel bolting plate as a template to drill the new holes.

Honda brush cutters seem to be the worst for this problem, but it is possible to move the guard back just enough to clear the blade. To do this, unscrew the four screws that hold the guard to the gear head and then using the steel square bolting plate moved forward as far as possible, drill four new holes in the plastic guard. Then re-bolt the guard back onto the gear head and the blade will just miss the guard.

If you end up eventually breaking the guard, which you will if you work it hard, you can replace it with a Stihl guard as you can see with the orange guard below. They have the same mounting system and holes and will bolt straight on to a Honda brush cutter and give much more clearance. This Stihl guards is also a little bit stronger than the Honda guard and should last longer.

Guard clearance

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