4.1 – HOW TO

On this page you will find articles and videos on how to do everything relating to your BrushDestructor Blades.

4.1.1 – Fit a BrushDestructor Blade

On this page you will find information on how to fit a BrushDestructor Blade to your brush cutter, if you have not fitted a metal blade before. There are a number of videos showing you how to do this with different brands of brush cutters and details of some of the problems that can be encountered.

4.1.2 – Inspect your Blade for Damage

This page will show you how to inspect your blade for damage and wear.

How to Inspect BrushDestructor Blades

4.1.3 – Sharpen Flail-Blades

While on the brush cutter and removed from the hubs to sharpen and rebalance.

How to sharpen brushdestructor blades

4.1.4 – Remove and Replace Flail-Blades

For both the new pivot bolt assembly and the old pivot bolt assembly. You will find details on the tools required and detailed videos showing you how replace them. 

Replacing BrushDestructor Flail-Blades

Following subject to come

How to get the best results from your BrushDestructor Blade

To get the best results from the blade and to clear the largest possible area with the least amount of effort.


How to Use a Brush Cutter Properly to Prevent Back Strain

There is a proper way to use a brush cutter, doing it wrong can lead to serious back strain, I know because I have been there.

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