4.2.5 – Q & A – About Brush Cutter Injuries

I decided to create this page to display questions I am frequently asked. My previous BrushDestructor web site had a forum page where people could ask and answer questions, but eventually it was overrun by spammers. You would be absolutely amazed how important; viagra, discount drugs and sexual favours are to the health of a brush cutter blade, I know I was and every day I was deleting inappropriate posts. That aside, please feel free to ask any questions relating to my BrushDestructor Blade, brush cutters and Brushcutting in general.

I now have a very extensive knowledge of this field and a lot of answers to common questions are already in the pages below. If it is not, please email your question and what I don’t know, I will find out for you.

Lately I have become overwhelmed with the number of emails, and so can no longer guarantee getting back to you personally in a timely manor. If that becomes the case with you, I apologies now for that now. I do save these questions and where I have a lot of similar question, I will do a page replying to that question and will put a link to that page below. – Q&A – Tingling and Numb Fingers

I received a few questions relating to this a few years back, when I was promoting the loop handle, over the bicycle handle brush cutter. I have not received any more questions about this since I started selling the Anti-Vibration Gloves. – Q&A – Back Injuries

Any tips on reducing back strain, would be appreciated. I have recently had back strain and am unsure where exactly it originated from. So bad I have been questioning my (fairly new) career as a gardener in my mid 30s. Would a solution be to wear a harness even for a loop handle machine? Which would you recommend? I would still like to be able to edge lawns wearing it, so it wouldn’t limit movement if I need to change angles.

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