3.2 – Honda Brush Cutter Upgrades

On this page you will find upgrades I am and will be offering to improve the standard 35cc Honda brush cutter and turn it into a true bush clearing and fire hazard reduction machine. 

These upgrades will allow the owners of 35cc Honda brush cutters to upgrade their standard loop or bicycle handle brush cutter, to a heavy-duty machine suited for heavy-duty brush clearing and fire hazard reduction like no other machine on the market.

Over time, I will be offering a number of upgrades, starting with; longer very stiff carbon fibre shaft, an anti-fouling blade mounting plate, a heavy-duty anti-fouling guard, an offset anti-vibration loop handle, An anti-vibration hitch and an anti-vibration trigger control handle.


3.2.1 – Carbon Fibre Long Shaft

First up, will be a 1.8m long carbon fibre shaft followed by a 2m shaft to replace the standard 1.5m long Honda aluminium shaft. This upgrade applies to either a loop handle or bicycle handle machines.

The 1.8m shaft is best suited for those between 5’6″ and 6’0″

The 2m shaft is best suited for 6’0″ to 6’6″

Why even make a longer shaft brush cutter, this page will explain why;


Will be custom design and made products to extend this machine to a true BrushDestructor Clearing Machine, starting with;

3.2.2 – Anti-Fouling BLADE mounting plate

to replace the standard Honda 25.4mm arbor blade mounting plate and designed to wind wet long grass and tough stringy vines up and over the gear head.

3.2.3 – Heavy Duty Anti-Fouling Guard

Designed to take extreme punishment when clear heavy bush, as well as ensuring that long wet grass and tough stringy vines will not bind up and stall the brush cutter.

3.2.4 – Anti-Vibration Offset Loop Handle

For better and more comfortable control of the brush cutter when using for long periods of time.

Below is a photo of a testing handle, to determine the best ergonomic location of each grip. So as to determine the most comfortable grip for the three sides of holding the brush cutter.

I am using three bicycle handle tee connections to give complete free movement of each handle to work out the best position for each grip with the brush cutter on either side and in normal operating position. After many hours of use and adjustment, I was amazed as to where each handle has finally ended up compared to where I had thought they would be.

Which means the design of the spiral loop handle above is all wrong. From here I will get a one piece loop handle made, to match this three-piece handle, so your hand can easily slide around the handle, to each grip position, as you rotate the brush cutter to either side position.

But until that time, I will be offering the next best thing, the offset loop handle. I imported one of these handles in 2014 and have been using it most days. Other than being plastered with plant sap, it is as good as the day I got it and the rubber grip shows no sign of delaminating.

The benefit of an offset handle, is that you don’t have to stretch your left hand so far across the front of you to hand onto the brush cutter. It also allows a much greater swing of the brush cutter, without resorting to winding up your back.

This loop handle can be purchased with the long shaft, or on its own. It will fit the standard aluminium shaft Honda brush cutter, or any brush cutter with a 26mm shaft.

3.2.5 – Swivel Hitch to give the freedom required to move a loop handle machine around in all directions.

3.2.6 – Anti-Vibration Trigger Control Handle to reduce vibration to the right hand.

3.2.7 – Heavy Duty Gear Head designed to work with the blade and guard, to prevent any long stringy grasses from stalling the brush cutter and with a gear ratio and rubber mounting to reduce vibration transmitted to the shaft.

3.2.8 – Anti-Vibration Clutch Housing to further reduce engine vibration transmission to the shaft.

3.2.9 – Battery Powered Motor Head to bolt straight onto the clutch housing to replace the petrol engine, when battery technology improve to the point where it can provide enough power to run this brush cutter for two hours.