3.2.1 – Carbon Fibre Long Shaft

Below are pictures of the current drive couplings found on the latest 35cc Honda brush cutters. The gear head end has a double flat face drive coupling and the clutch housing has a 7 spline coupling. Other countries and older models may have different couplings, so you will need to check yours before ordering a long shaft upgrade.

Below is a sample of the shaft, where the resin has been burnt away with a blow torch to expose the unburnt carbon fibres that make up the shaft.

So why use carbon fibre, when it is so expensive, perhaps this video will explain that. It is still a gamble though, people will spend untold amounts of money on their sport equipment to gain an edge, it remains to be seen if they will spend this sort of money on their work equipment such as a brush cutter.

The other goal of using carbon fibre, is vibration reduction due to a lighter and stiffer shaft. But using a carbon fibre shaft for a few weeks now, I do not feel an obviously reduction in vibration, but maybe like the gloves a little bit all helps when using for long hours at a time, just like the Anti-Vibration Gloves.

In future I will be testing the vibration with a vibration meter, when I get to make a frame to support the  brush cutter by the hitch and restrained by artificial hand like in real life. With the aim to measure the vibration at the back of the gloved hands. So that I can get reliable results and comparisons between different brush cutters.

All parts will be offered individually, for you to choose what and how to upgrade your Honda brush cutter.

OPTION 1 – Extra Long Shaft

1.8m long carbon fibre shaft with drive shaft couplings to suit the Honda 35cc brush cutter. 

The longer shaft offers a number of benefits;

The first is, is the reduced stress to your back for taller operators, by allowing you to stand more upright. I can assure you, that once you get use to the longer shaft you cannot go back.

The second is, safety from having a lethal spinning metal blade further away from you, which also makes you feel a lot more comfortable. It is like wearing safety pants when using a chain saw, once you get use to them, you feel very insecure when not using them. I know this, because on a couple of occasions I have forgotten to put these pants on the back of the truck when going out and I now feel really scared using the chain saw without them. The same applies to a longer shaft, once you get use to it, going back to a standard shaft now feels scary to me.

The third is, the added efficiency of being able to reach; further, higher and swing wider to cover much more ground than you can with the standard length shaft.

The forth is, to allow a better balance of the brush cutter and to move the engine and its electromagnetic fields further away from your body.

OPTION 2 – Shaft + Offset Loop Handle

For those who want a longer shaft, with the better balance and control this loop handle offers.

There are two benefits this handle offers over the standard Honda Loop Handle;

The first is, this handle has a soft rubber grip, is rubber isolated from the shaft to absorb some shaft vibration, whereas the Honda loop handle is solid mounted to the shaft, (as found in the Australian models). This handle has proved to be very rugged, after six years, there is no signs of the rubber cushioning coming adrift or showing any signs of the handle breaking.

The second is, is the offset handle allows for more comfortable control, as you do not need to reach quite so far across with your left hand to hold the brush cutter. Unfortunately the grip is not so comfortable when the brush cutter is laying on either side, but this is generally only for short periods of time.

OPTION 3 – Shaft + Offset Loop Handle + Trigger control Handle

For owners of bicycle handle machines, to fairly quickly swap back and forth to a loop handle machine.  And loop handle machine owners to upgrade to a better balanced machine.

This trigger control handle will offer a couple of benefits over the standard Honda Handle;

The first is, the longer throttle cable, that allow you to move the trigger control handle further away from the engine, for better overall balance of the brush cutter and moving the electromagnetic fields generated from the engine further away from you.

The second is, the stop switch and throttle start lock, is less exposed and less likely to be knocked off. Especially if you sand them down a bit like I do, so that they are less likely to catch against the harness.

The Third is, these handles will be mounted on isolating rubber, to help minimise some  shaft vibration from transferring to the handle.

OPTION 4 – Complete Shaft, including Gearhead and Clutch Housing

This option is for someone who does not own a Honda brush cutter and so to save then having to buy a whole Honda brush cutter and then throwing half of it away, they can buy a complete shaft. All they will need to do, is buy a Honda GX35 replacement engine to fit, or get their local Honda dealer to fit this engine straight to it.