2.3.4 – Model-11 BrushDestructor Blade

This second model was released in 2011 and at the time was called the Extra Heavy Duty blade. This model proved to be very successful and sold for almost three years. It was also the first model to be marketed online from the first BrushDestructor website, with most of the sales going to Queensland Australia.

BrushDestructor Blade close up

What made this blade so successful was the bigger teeth that allowed it to cut down small saplings, but also the introduction of the anti-fouling blades that considerably reduced the issue of long grass wrapping around the gearhead and stalling the brush cutter. It was this feature that was the main attraction for the commercial operator as grass wrapping around the heads of their brush cutters was a big time waster for them.

BrushDestructor Brushcutter Blades

It was only after this blade started to be picked up and used by commercial clearers that the main weakness to this blade raised its head. That was because the flail-blade was designed to impact the end of the anti-fouling blade, but when pushed hard by commercial operators with powerful brush cutters that result in the whole flail-blade breaking away and on one occasion causing injury to the operator. Click link below to read more;

Flail-Blade breaks off causing injury

BrushDestructor Flail Blade

There were also a number of other minor problems, more related to longevity than safety and you can read about them on the Problems, Causes, Solutions page.

Model-14 Spare Parts

Please read this article, (Linked Below) for the reason why the correct spare blades are now longer carried and why Model-14 Flail-Blades are supplied instead.

Will The Model-14 Flail-Blades Fit My Old Extra Heavy Duty Blade?

Below is photo of the replacement Model-14 Flail Blade. 

Please note, the bush, bolt and nut needs replacing with each blade set and so option-1 is sold as standard with replacement blade order.

1. – Replacement Pivot Bolt Set.

2. – Replacement Flail-Blade Set NOT AVAILABLE

3. – Diamond Sharpening Discs for and angle grinder.

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