2.3.2 – Model-15 BrushDestructor Blades

Like the earlier Model-14 blade this model was also released in two versions, the 3 bladed model called the BrushCutter-Blade and the 2 bladed model called the WeedEater-Blade. The Flail-Blades now had a curved back edge to make the blade stronger.

This model came with two improvements over the model-14 blade


Flail Blades

The rear edge of the blade has been curved to remove a weakness in the design that could seed a crack if the blade was worked hard and they were now zinc plated.

Bolts and Bushes

The bush-bolt assembly has been completely redesigned and bush, bolt and nut are made to my specifications.

These replace the assembly shown below.

All the many improvements that have been incorporated into these new BrushDestructor-Blades, are a result of feedback from you the customer. It is the feedback where there has been issues or failures that have driven me to solve these problems and continue to improve this product. Commercial operators have been my biggest source of feedback, they are the ones that use a brush cutter all day, everyday and the one that benefit the most from a better product. I always keep thinking that this new model will be as good as it gets, but I now know that there will always be improvements, the more people that use these BrushDestructor-blades, the more the correspondence I get back from you, the better the product will become.

Model-15 Spare Parts

Below is photo of the Model-15 Spare Parts. All parcels are mailed out in 500 gram prepaid satchels and if you choose, you can order option 2, 3  or 4 and get these parts at a discounted price as there is no mailing cost added to their price.

Option-1 – 6 x Spare Flail-Blades Only

Option-2 – Opt-1 + 1 x Diamond Sharpening Disc

Option-3 – Opt-1 + 6 x Anti-Fouling Blades

Option-4 – Opt-1 + 3 x Pivot Bolt Sets

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