2.5 – WARNING about Inferior Chinese Copy

I have become aware that the first Chinese company Pangyi Metalware that I engaged to make my blades for me has been making and selling an earlier model of my blade for over a year now. Obviously I had a copyright agreement with them, but this didn’t seem to make any difference to them.

Below is a copy of the Alibaba page advertising a pirate copy of my BrushDestructor blade, if the figures can be trusted below, Pangyi Metalware has sold US$640,000 of my blade to a number of countries, but mostly to one or more importers in the US. Assuming that these purchasers brought the minimum quantity of 50 pieces for the maximum price of US$30.00, that means there are a minimum of 21,333 pirate copies that have been sold or are about to be sold.

Pangyi Sheetmetal substandard copy

Below is a view of the Pangyi Sheetmetal sales page advertising a copy of my blade.

Pangyi Sheetmetal steels BrushDestructor design, do not trust this company

Below you can see an expanded view of the Transaction Details of the last eight sales, with unfortunately most sales going to the States.

Pangyi Sheetmetal sales of stolen BrushDestructor design, this is a Chinese company you cannot trust

Below is a screen capture of the Transaction Values, when you hold over the blue line it gives you the value of sales to that country in thousands of dollars US.

Other=$100,000+, USA=$100,000+, Ireland=$1,000+, Norway=$1,00+, Australia=$1,000+, United Kingdom=$1,000+

As you can see, although there have only been three sales to OTHER countries, the total value of sales is more than twice that of that to the US. Going by the number of hits from South America, and India, I suspect these countries fall into the OTHER country category.

Pangyi Sheetmetal transaction values of pirated BrushDestructor design

I keep thinking that if I had been able to make this incredible amount of sales, my BrushDestructor Clearing Machine and who knows what other products would be a reality now.

Unfortunately, thinking would I could have done with those sorts of sales, is over whelmed by the worry that a large number of substandard blades being released onto the market could result in the same nee jerk reaction to the safety of flail blades on brush cutters as has happened in the EU.

Why do I think they will be substandard, they were unable to supply the quality that I demanded and I had to eventually walk away from them at a great financial loss. Read More about this experience at the bottom of this page

The drawings supplied to Pangyi Metalware were of the early models which had a number of issue and the latest BrushDestructor Model-16 Blade has advanced a long way since then. Read Problems, Causes, Solutions.

Pangyi Metalware was totally unable to make a quality product and I very much doubt that they have gone to any trouble to make any improvements, because they haven’t even gone to the trouble of making their own marketing photos.

Pangyi Sheetmetal steals BrushDestructor image and relabels with its name

Instead they have copied my Logo Image that is at the top of every one of these web pages and not trusting their own countrymen; they have gone to the trouble of printing their name across the image so no one else will steal it. Now that is what I call innovative.

Below are some photos of the high quality products that came from Pangyi Sheetmetal. You can see the amazingly tough wear resistant steel they use.

2014 New Brush Cutter Model Flail Blade

The highest quality impact resistance steel they use for their blades



The highest quality production, so you can be assured what you purchase will be exactly the same every time.


Below are photos of early BrushDestructor models, that Pangyi Sheetmetal have drawings of. I very much doubt that they have the innovative knowledge to have made any improvements to product that importers are selling in their countries.

BrushDestructor's Old and New Blade

If you are the proud owner of one of these pirated Old BrushDestructor models and have found that they are not lasting or you are worried about their safety. Go back to the sell or the manufacturer (email address shown below) and ask for your money back, as I am sure like me they offer a money back guarantee.

Pangyi Sheetmetal email address

Also, if you have purchased one of these blades in England, Ireland or Norway, I know that the sellers there will be happy to give you a 100% money back guarantee for selling an illegal product as these countries are part of the European Union. If you haven’t already done so, you can read why here.

If you are also worried about substandard copies of BrushDestructor blades being sold in your country, which could cause injury, please share this page with your friends