1.5 – Where They Are Made

The BrushDestructor Blades truly are a one man cottage business; with the exception of the steel which came from India and high precision lasered by a company in Melbourne. From there I personally do everything else.

I designed it and produced all the drawings;

I spend many hours testing all the prototypes on every different type of bush I can get access to.

I inspect all parts, to ensure they complied with tolerances and clean all burrs from all edges.

I assemble all the parts into a finish product using a jig I designed and built to make the job as quick as possible.

BrushDestructor - Assembly jig 1BrushDestructor Blade Assembly Jig

I hand pack, hand label the envelopes and deliver to the post office.

I personally correspond to all the customer queries.

I film and edit all the videos shown on my web site.

I do all the marketing by building, hosting and regularly updating my own web site.

In short, I do everything and to keep costs down. I only pay myself $50 per week to assemble the parts and wrap ready for mailing. Everything else is a labour of love and all profits get invested back into the business.

Eight years on

The steel is now made and tempered to my specification by a steel mill in China, the steel is now lasered in China and all the finished lasered parts are zinc plated in China.

The pivot bush is custom made to my design, from a steel that can take extremely high shock loads without wearing and at this point, I have no idea how long they will last. So far I have never worn one out, even though I keep using the same bush on new prototypes I am testing. I have never had a customer that has needed to order replacement bushes, because they have worn out. When they have been ordered, I always ask why and the typical answer I get back is they want spares in case I go out of business.

The nuts and bolts are also made to my design, to Grade 12.9 which is the highest grade you can get.

All these parts then come to me where I inspect them for quality and tolerance and then hand assemble them myself in the same workshop.

The packaging and mailing, I still carried out as before, which is very labour intensive.

I am now looking at automating the process as much as possible and looking to handing over the sale of the blade and other products going into the future to retail outlets, hopefully Honda outlets.


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This business is for sale and one day a new owner will take this blade and business to the next level with the marketing and growth it deserves as well as much higher production runs to reduce the price.


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