BrushDestructor Business For Sale

I have decided that this business is now at a stage where it needs a person, or preferably a business in a related field, that has the expertise and enthusiasm to take this business to the next level.

This business started out as a hobby business, when I retired and moved to the bush 14 years ago. As I have said on other places in this web site, this product came about as a need to develop a product for my own needs on our property. As there was no blade on the market up to that task and to this day there is still no other blade comparable to this.

It became a business as demand from neighbours, friends and friends of friends who heard about this product and wanted one. At the start, I found the designing of a website, online marketing and accounting an interesting challenge and happily spent many late nights muddling my way through all of these hurdles. Sadly, I now find I no longer have the energy and have to force myself to do all those boring jobs required to run a small business.

The other main reason for selling, is that I want to remain on our property for the rest of my life. But as you get older, it gets harder and harder to stay on the land as you find yourself less able to do manual jobs. And to tell you the truth, moving back into a town with all its rules, regulation & restrictions, required for people to live in close proximity to each other scares me.

The only way to stay on the land, is to have two houses on that property. One for yourself and one to rent out for extra income to start with and eventually for little or no rent in exchange for jobs done on that property and around the houses.

I am now at a stage, where I would like to spend the next few years while I am still able, to build a low maintenance Granny Flat for us to grow old in. The house that was build by the first owner of this property, although very comfortable, is very poorly laid out, is multi levelled and definitely not suitable for the very old.

When I was young, I started out in architecture and for a couple of years I did a very boring, bread and butter job, of designing modifications to houses for those that had debilitating injuries or became aged and wheelchair bound. As I said, a very boring job and one of the reasons for moving into mechanical design, but I did learn a lot about, how a house should be designed to grown old and die in.


Such a business as this, is of cause a very hard to value. Because as a one man retirement business, I have not pushed its growth and in fact have been increasingly restricting its growth. Other than the web site and word of mouth, I have done no advertising, to keep sales at a manageable level where it did not consume every hour of my day. I have spent the last ten years, continually improving this blade to make it stronger and safer. In all that time have taken no income from this business, as all profits have been reinvested into continually improve the blade, gloves and other brush cutter upgrade parts. My reward is in providing a quality product and service to help myself and other people affordably manage their fire hazard ricks around their bush block homes.

So what I would like to get for this business;

I would like to aim for $10,000 for each year I have put into this business, say AU$100,000. I would be happy to do some ongoing designing of the BrushDestructor clearing machine to see it become a reality, if the new buyer wants to continue developing this product.

If interested and would like more details. Please email me at;

Or if you know of someone who might be interested, please share this page with them.

I am prepared to look at any reasonable offer, but if there are no buyers out there. Then I will keep the business ticking over and instead of investing further money & time improving the blade and other products. I will focus much of my time and future profits on building a small wheel chair compliant assembly building. With suitable internal parking, bathroom, kitchenette & sleeping quarters, (for the frequent bathroom, coffee & sleep breaks required), to continue assembling this blade in comfort as I get even older.

One of the fortunate things with living on a property such as ours, is that most of the resources are available on site to build such a structure. I would only need a shed maker to lay a concrete pad and put up a steel roof on posts. After that, all the building materials are on site to finish the structure. One large tallow tree would supply all the timber I need and thanks to the fire, I discovered that we have a bolder quarry that was used in the past for local road building that I didn’t even know was there.

My speculation is that, some many millions of years ago when this ancient volcano we live on, was erupting in a strong wind, these boulders were heavy enough to keep flying our way, but all the fine ash went down wind the other way. This has resulted in a very deep layer of boulders from roughly 100 to 300mm in diameter. You don’t even have to dig them up, all you have to do is pick them up. perfect for building internal and external wall with heaps of thermal mass for a more consistent internal climate to keep old bones warm. My next challenge is to learn to become a stone mason and use my engineering brain to develop ways to move and position stones as my body gets older and weaker.