4.4 – Action Videos

On this video’s page you will find lots of action videos showing BrushDestructor WhipperSnipper, WeedEater and BrushCutter-Blades cutting all sorts of different material, ranging from long stringy grass to thick rain forest undergrowth.

Please Note; WhipperSnipper, WeedEater and BrushCutter’s are all the same machine, but go by these different names in different countries.

This video is a demonstration of how to clear thick lantana that is smothering tobacco bush and privet. Also demonstrated, is the importance of having good footing when working on steeper ground.


This video shows how easy it is to clear and open up an overgrown back yard using a BrushDestructor brushcutter-blade or weedeater-blade. As you can see using a BrushDestructor-Blade on a straight shaft whippersnapper, weedeater or brushcutter, you can easily cut down or prune small trees and mulch up all the small branches for composting or throwing in a green waste bin.


This video shows how easy it is to clear unwanted overgrown bushes along a fence line using a BrushDestructor BrushCutter-Blade. In this case I used a prototype BrushCutter-Blade on a 22cc Honda, which is way under powered to drive this blade, but I wanted to see how it would fare. It did do better than I expected, but if you listen to the engine noise you will hear that it is struggling to keep its revs up. I reckon that a WeedEater-Blade with it’s smaller outside diameter on this machine or this BrushCutter-Blade on a much more powerful machine of 35cc or larger would have cleared the bush shown in less than 10 minutes. You will see at the end that the owner was surprised to see that all the bush was mulched up to the point that required no clean up and in a couple of months’ time you will be hard pressed to find anything left of the bush, except for regrowth around the stumps. At this stage the small amount of regrowth can be sprayed with poison or you can keep mulching away the regrowth until the plants die.


In this video you will see a demonstration of a commercial land clearer with a high powered Shindaiwa brush cutter and a BrushDestructor BrushCutter-Blade demolishing lantana. To totally eliminate lantana, you will need to keep trimming regrowth until the plant dies or spray the regrowth until the plant dies. Spraying the new regrowth compared to a mature plant, considerably reduces the amount of poison required, the amount of contamination of the soil and the cost to eliminate lantana. Another and even more effective way to kill lantana is to wait a few months for all the cut lantana to rot away and for regrowth to sprout from the trunks of the plant. Than you cut away the regrowth and trim the trunk back to just above ground level and then brush poison onto the fresh stump.


This video shows the area of undergrowth cleared after 5 hours to reduce the fire hazard fuel load around buildings. This will give you some idea of what can be cleared with a BrushDestructor WeedEater-Blade and an under powered Honda 22cc brush cutter. You can also see how it looked before the area was cleared.


Watch this video to see how much rainforest undergrowth can be cleared & mulched up with one tank of petrol in a small 22cc Honda WhipperSnipper, WeedEater, BrushCutter and a BrushDestructor Extra-Heavy-Duty Blade.


This video shows how effective the BrushDestructor anti-fouling blades are at preventing long wet grass from wrapping around the gear head and stalling the WhipperSnipper, WeedEater, BrushCutter. This allows you to keep cutting and clearing large areas without having to stop. The anti-fouling blades are only effective if the BrushDestructor-Blade is still rotating, if you stall the blade completely it will not clear itself, but so long as it is still rotating it will grind the fouling matter away and spit it out.


This video shows how easily a BrushDestructor-Blade cuts down a small gum sapling and mulch it up, thus allowing mulched matter to stay damp on the ground and rot away very quickly. If fallen trees are left un-mulched, they dry out and become even more of a fire hazard, adding to the fuel load, instead of reducing it.


This video shows how quick and easy it is to cut down and mulch up small tobacco bush regrowth with a BrushDestructor blade. Tobacco bush is not supposed to re-shoot once cut level with the ground, so all re-growth is from seed spread by birds eating the berries. I have found that it does regrow, but keep cutting down the regrowth before is fruits and you will in time eradicate tobacco bush completely without having to use poisons.


In this video you can see how to quickly get rid of an old blackberry bush that is attracting unwanted birds to the garden. This half of the bush was cut and mulched in half an hour with a BrushDestructor Blade and a 22 cc Honda WhipperSnipper, WeedEater, BrushCutter. It was funny, when the owner’s wife came home; she wanted to know where we had put all the rubbish. We said there wasn’t any, she said, tell me where you dumped it. We said we ground it all up, she said, I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU PUT IT. She could not believe that it was not only cut down and ground up in such a short period of time.


This video shows how easily a “D” handle brushcutter with a BrushDestructor blade can be used as a hedge trimmer, even in tight spaces shown here.


Below is a video demonstrating BrushDestructor-Blade clearing Lantana.


The following videos are very old now and probably not worth looking at, but they do show the early development of the blade as I first started clearing areas other than grass.

This video shows a BrushDestructor Blade cutting through thick rain forest undergrowth, not only cutting down small saplings but also grinding it up, leaving it to quickly rot away.



Below is a Video of an Extra-Heavy-Duty BrushDestructor-Blade cutting down a 200mm  diameter Gum Saplings.  Although I normally would not use my BrushDestructor-Blade to cut down anything over 100mm, as a chain saw is much quicker. It shows that a BrushDestructor-Blade is capable of cutting down much larger diameter trees if you do not have a chain saw or have one with you.



Below is a demonstration of BrushDestructor Extra-Heavy-Duty Blade cutting through thick bush and vines.

The video below shows BrushDestructor Blade easily cutting Lantana.



On this video below you can see a BrushDestructor-Blade easily cutting and mulching up blackberry bushes.




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