2.2.3 – Flail Blade Impacting and Deforming Nut Guard


Nut guard being crushed by Flail-Blades hitting it, each time Flail-Blade hits a solid object.

Damage caused to nut guard by blades.


Those with higher powered machines have the power to lean into the job harder as the teeth lose their edge which causes the flail blades flick back and forth with extreme force into the nut guard and deforming it. This is another early issue that surprised me, which was with how much force the flail blades are knocked forwards or backwards considering how much these blades weigh at full revs.

BrushDestructor blade early design fault

BrushDestructor Heavy Duty Blade causes damage to nut guard



Build stops within the blade hubs to prevent this from happening, so once again it was a problem that led to the development of impact stops that also become what is now known as the Anti-Fouling Blades.

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