2.2.2 – Blade flexing and cutting into hub

If this is allowed to continue, it would result in the failure of the blade and eventually the hub.

BrushDestructor Blades


This the result of using 1.2mm thick steel, which was supposed to help keep weight down and the thinner blade to slice easier through soft weed and grasses. But when this thin blade had hit something hard, the blade would deflect up and hooked over and cut into the hub. If you look closely, you can see the hub plate is smaller than the washers and the back edge of the blade matched the front edge,this is the result of trying to reduce costs by minimising wastage when the parts are lasered from a flat sheet. This resulted in the blade hooking over the hub where the idea is that the blade should slide under the hub. Even adding an extra two washers on top of the blade, which was suppose to prevent this, did not work when the blade is subjected to a really hard impact.

BrushDestructor Blades


Was to increase material thickness to 2mm thick, which gave much more stiffness to the blade to prevent is flexing as much, unfortunately this resulted in extra weight.

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