7.2 – Australian Purchase Page

Before deciding to go ahead with a purchase, please carefully read the Legal Page for;

All orders are sent out the next nearest Post pick up day, being the next Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Price shown below includes POSTAGE to anywhere in Australia.

I am no longer offering the option of paying with PayPal, although it has not happened to me yet, PayPal have shut down and confiscated money of people spreading what they call miss-information. Not going to give them the pleasure of doing that, so I have shut them down. This also helps keep the cost down, as I was including the average PayPal fee of $8.00 into the price of the blade.

So at this stage, the only payment option is direct bank transfer. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Direct Bank Transfer

Look below, to choose your order option and price to work out how much to transfer.

Bank details are;

Bank – Coastline Credit Union

Account name – Anton Nicholaas Visser BrushDestructor

BSB – 704-189

Account Number – 11018088

Once you have made the payment, please forward your email receipt of the bank transfer, to this email address.

Please also include your blade option selected, glove size if applicable, mailing address & contact mobile to add as mail delivery contact and I will send off the order on the next postal day.


If you decide you would like to go ahead with a purchase, please ensure you have read through the Legal Page first before proceeding. Yes these products come with a money back guarantee, but if you decide to return for any reason we both loose. We lose the cost of mailing to you in the first place and you lose the return mail cost, so if you need more time to think about it or do more research, please do so.

All items are wrapped in bubble rap and mailed in 5kg satchels. 

Blade  –  Model-22

I have unfortunately had to increase prices, this is partly due to the increase in metal prices, parts shipments to Australia prices, the two supplied spanners for the new design Pivot-Bolts and karabiner to carry them. However by adding all price increases to the Top & Bottom Hubs, of the blade, I have been able to keep the price of spare parts down, making replacement of spare blades more affordable. 

Available in eight options

G – Stands for inclusion for Anti-Vibration Gloves while stocks last.

Currently only have LARGE left.

OPT-1; BLADE ONLY – $225.00

OPT-1G; Opt-1 + Anti-Vibration Gloves Saving $19 – $255.00

Only size LARGE left.


OPT-2G; Opt-2 + Anti-Vibration Gloves Save $19 – $285.00

Only size LARGE left.


OPT-3G; Opt-3 + Anti-Vibration Gloves Save $19 – $325.00

Only size LARGE left.

PLEASE NOTE; I am afraid that I cannot supply Option-4 at the moment, as I am almost out of the pivot-bolts and the few I have left I am saving for customers who need them as spare parts.

Unlikely to have new stock before the end of April.


OPT-4G; Opt-4 + Anti-Vibration Gloves Saving $19 – $385.00

Only size LARGE left.

Arbor Size Option; All blade come standard with a 25.4mm Arbor, but a small range of high powered Stihl, Shindaiwa and possible some other brands come with a 20mm mounting arbor. If you have one of these machines, please select the 20mm arbor step down bush in the PayPal cart or note this on your notification of purchase email.

Dimond Sharpening Disc Arbor Size Option; Most mains powered angle grinder have a 22.23mm arbor, but some battery powered angle grinders can have a 20mm or 16mm arbor. I do carry a 20mm or 16mm step down arbor adaptors. Please select your option below.

Gloves –  Anti-Vibration

BrushDestructor Silicone Gel Anti-Vibration Gloves

Anti-Vibration Gloves – $49.00   Sorry only sizes left are  Large.


I have been having issues with international parcels going missing and for the rest of this year I will no longer be sending orders overseas. If you urgently need spare parts, please contact me via email, however if you decide to go ahead with an order, I will no longer be refunding for loss of parts in the post. I have also cancelled my PayPal account and any future payment will need to be a direct transfer to my bank account