4.1.6 – Clear Privet

These photos below, show the clearing of an old orchid that had become completely overrun with privet.

Clearing Lantana-1 Clearing Lantana-2 Clearing Lantana-3

Of all the noxious weeds that I have cleared, privet has to be hardest. Even though the wood itself is not very hard, it is very tough, springy and grows in very dense clumps making it hard work to clear.

Clearing Lantana-4 Clearing Lantana-5 Clearing Lantana-6

All the top branches and leaves were mulched up and the larger lower trunks cut into short length for easy racking up into small burning piles.

Clearing Lantana-7 Clearing Lantana-8 Clearing Lantana-9 Clearing Lantana-10

This area was cleared with six tanks of fuel, a 35cc Honda brush cutter and a BrushDestructor Blade.

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