4.1.5 – Sharpen Extra Heavy Duty Flail-Blades

On this page you will find instruction on how to keep your BrushDestructor-Blade sharp. It is the sharp teeth that really make the BrushDestructor-Blade so effective and maintaining the teeth on your BrushDestructor-Blade is what will give you the most effective, easiest clearing and maintenance of your property. I recommend that you learn how to quickly keep your teeth sharp and give them a quick touch up each time you refuel your WhipperSnipper, WeedEater, Brushcutter.

Model-11 Extra-Heavy-Duty Blade

How to restore badly worn BrushDestructor Extra-Heavy-Duty Blades

In this video you will see a demonstration of how to restore badly worn teeth from the Extra-Heavy-Duty Flail-Blades. Refer instructions at the bottom of the page this page on how to disassemble and reassemble your BrushDestructor-Blade. To restore and re-balance your Flail-Blades, you need to bolt all three of them together using one of the bushes, washers, nuts and bolts so they become one. Once the bolt is done up really tight the three blades act as one, allowing you to sharpen as one.

  1. Then screw these blades to a piece of wood to allow you to fix in a vice or g-Clamp to a bench as shown in the video.
  2. Start by grinding the top edge to make what is left of the teeth more obvious.
  3. Then start grinding in the front face of the teeth, so they start to look like how they were when you first got them. Keep grinding in until the cut is about 5mm deep.
  4. If the end tooth looks like it could easily be broken off, then it is best to totally grind it off now and start developing a new tooth at the front. This is to prevent vibration issues in the field if one break’s off.
  5. Continue grinding the front and top edge until you get a sharp edge to each tooth.
  6. Clean up side edge of burrs to make it easier to see the shape and edge of the teeth.
  7. Continue touching up the new teeth until you are happy with them.
  8. Turn blades over and remove burrs from other side.
  9. All three blades are now sharp and balanced, ready for re-assembly.

Below are videos of how to sharpen the teeth on an Extra-Heavy-Duty BrushDestructor-Bade using an angle grinder and a Continuous Rim Tile Cutter diamond disc that is used for cutting ceramic tiles.

If you should happen to knock off some teeth or you start to notice some vibration after several sharpenings, you can resharpen and rebalance blades by unbolting blades from hub and using one of the bolts and several washers to bolt three blades together and sharpening as shown in video.

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Instructions for removing and Replacing

BrushDestructor Flail-Blades

1 – Tools required – 1 x M6 metric Allen key and 1 x 13mm socket, spanner or shifter, pliers may be required to unscrew bushes.

2 – Remove blade from brush cutter, clean out bolt heads, sit on bench with one corner hanging over and insert allen key into bolt head.

3 – Undo and remove all lock nut, rotate around and repeat, then remove top hub.

4 – Remove all top washers, scrape away sludge build up on all washers using edge of other washers and unscrew bushes.

5Reassemble Existing Blades

  • Turn over bush and screw in place to allow blade to run on unworn part of bush, place one washer over bush, turn over blade facing new teeth to outside and place three washers to the top side ensuring all washers are facing the same way.
  • Replace top hub and then screw on existing lock nuts and tighten.

Reassemble with New Blades

  • Take new bush supplied with new blades and screw in place, place one washer over bush, fit new blades and place three washers to the top side ensuring all washers are facing the same way.

Replace top hub and then screw on new lock nuts supplied with the new blades and tighten.

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