2.3.5 – Model-10 BrushDestructor Blade

This is the first model that was unofficially released in 2010 and at the time was called the Heavy Duty blade. This was the model this was put through a lot of tests to see that it was safe to use, including compromising the blades by cutting half way through them to see if they would fly apart. 

It was also put through the test to see that it could meet Australian Standards, which it did. I should point out here that this test pails into insignificance compared to the testing that the Model-17 blade has gone and is still going through.

This first blade was only sold by word of mouth to local landholders and some even ended up with friends and friends of friends in Queensland Australia and New Zealand.

At this stage it was only really intended as a replacement for the nylon line and only for cutting long thick grass and some thicker weeds. At that time I was clearing a lot of thick tall wet grass and got fed up with the nylon line that I was breaking all the time. It was only when myself and others started to use it to clear smaller saplings that the problem with flexibility of the flail-blade which caused it to cut into the hubs as can be seen in this photo below became an issue.

BrushDestructor Blades

The other main problem at this stage was the strength of the bushes with wear being the biggest issue and for these two reasons I very much doubt that they would still be in use today. But while they lasted they did a better job then anything else out there on the market.

The other big problem with this blade, although not a safety issue, was that with long stringy grass, it easily wrapped around the gearhead and stalled the brush cutter.

Model-10 Spare Parts

I am sorry, but I no longer have spare parts for the Model-10 Blade.

Original purchasers on my records, are eligible for a discount to upgrade to the latest model blade. Contact me about this.