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Before deciding to go ahead with a purchase, please carefully read the Legal Page for;

Australians have two payment options

Direct Bank Transfer

If you are able to make a direct bank transfer, this would save a minimum of AU$5.89 in PayPal Fees. This money would than be set aside for the development of the new BrushDestructor Clearing Machine. If you choose this payment method, I thank you for your donation for future R&D.

Use the PayPal drop down option selector below, to choose your order and price to work out how much to transfer.

Bank details shown below

Coastline Credit Union Ltd     – BSB- 704-189

Account Name                        – Misty Mountain Marketing

Account Number                     – 00041784

Once you have made the payment, please forward your email receipt of the bank transfer, to this email address. Please note, this is not my PayPal email address.

Please also include your mailing address, contact mobile for postage contact, blade option selected and I will send off the order the next business day.

PayPal Order Page


Scroll down to select the item you would like to purchase.

Price shown includes POSTAGE to anywhere in Australia. Select your arbor size of your brush cutter before clicking the, “Add to Cart”


Please ensure your PayPal mailing address is current.

You would be surprise how many people forget to update their PayPal address after moving. Wrong PayPal mailing addresses can lead to considerable delays and added expenses to you to resend to new address, especially for international customers, as you must bare this re-mailing cost.


If you decide you would like to go ahead with a purchase, please ensure you have read through the Legal Page first before proceeding. Yes these products come with a money back guarantee, but if you decide to return for any reason we both loose. We lose the cost of mailing to you in the first place and you lose the return mail cost, so if you need more time to think about it or do more research, please do so.

All items are rapped in bubble rap and mailed in 3kg prepaid satchels.

Have any problems connecting to PayPal

This is caused by coming to this page, getting a shock at the price and backing out. After some time and more research, many come back to purchase, but find the PayPal links do not work. What happens, is that your computer saves a copy of this page for quick reloading at a later stage, but if I have made even the slightest modifications to this page, they are no longer exactly the same and PayPal will reject the link, possibly thinking it my be from fraudulent site.

If the Add to Cart button does not work for you, than try doing a page refresh, clear browsing history, or search this web site using a different search engine and you will find that it should work again.

If not, than please email me, so I can resolve any PayPal Cart issue. Or to make a direct PayPal payment, my PayPal email address is;

Blade – Model-17

Available in four options

Option-1; is the best option, if you are tied of replacing nylon line, who mainly want to control unruly grass and weeds that do not require keeping the teeth sharp, or commercial operators ordering multiple blades.

Option-2; is the best option, if you want to clear larger properties, or areas of woody weeds that require the maintenance of sharp teeth to cut and mulch efficiently.

Option-3; is the best option, if you want to clear and maintain larger lifestyle properties. Or clear large areas of woody weeds and saplings around the house for fire hazard reduction.

Option-4; has been requested, by some customers who use high powered brush cutters and spend whole days away from home and want all spare parts on hand.

Arbor Size Option; All blade come standard with a 25.4mm Arbor, but a small range of high powered Stihl, Shindaiwa and possible some other brands come with a 20mm mounting arbor. If you have one of these machines, please select the 20mm arbor step down bush in the PayPal cart or note this on your notification of purchase email.

Dimond Sharpening Disc Arbor Size Option; Most mains powered angle grinder have a 22.23mm arbor, but some battery powered grinders can have a 20mm or 16mm arbor. I do carry a few discs with a 20mm or 16mm arbor and if you require one of these, please make a note of this in the PayPal special mailing instructions.

Australian Buyers – Model-17 Blade
Select Arbor Size


Glove – Anti-Vibration

BrushDestructor Silicone Gel  





Spare Parts

Please carefully choose what model blade you own and then select the option for your model. All options include the Flail-Blades (option-1), as this is the part that is exposed to the most ware.

Please carefully choose what model blade you own and then select the option for your model. All options include the Flail-Blades (option-1), as this is the part that is exposed to the most ware.

Option-1; Spare Blades only.

Option-2; Spare Blades, plus Sharpening kit.

Option-3; Spare Blades, plus Anti-Fouling Blades.

Option-4; Spare Blades, plus Pivot Bolt Kit.

Option-5; Spare Blades, plus Rubber Impact Disc – Model-17 Blade Only.

Please carefully select blade model and option below

Australian Buyers – Model-17 Spare Parts

Australian Buyers – Model-16 Spare Parts

Australian Buyers – Model-15 Spare Parts

Australian Buyers – Model-14 Spare Parts