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Blade  –  Model-17

Available in four options

Option-1; BLADE ONLY, is the best option if you are tied of replacing nylon line, who mainly want to control unruly grass and weeds that do not require keeping the teeth sharp, or commercial operators ordering multiple blades.

Option-2; BLADE + SHARPENING KIT, is the best option, if you want to clear larger properties, or areas of woody weeds that require the maintenance of sharp teeth to cut and mulch efficiently.

Option-3; BLADE + SHARPENING KIT + SPARE FLAIL-BLADES, is the best option, if you want to clear and maintain larger lifestyle properties. Or clear large areas of woody weeds and saplings around the house for fire hazard reduction.

Option-4; BLADE + SHARPENING KIT + COMPLETE SPARE PARTS, has been requested, by some customers who use high powered brush cutters and spend whole days away from home and want all spare parts on hand. It has also been requested by customers, who want the full set of replacement parts, just in case the business goes broke. Lets hope that does not happen.

Spare parts options-2, 3, 4, are sold at lower cost, when sold and shipped with the blade, due to savings in handling and mailing costs.

Gloves – Anti-Vibration

Need to do a lot of clearing with a brush cutter or chain saw, then these gloves are a must.


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Australian Buyers – AU$49.00

International Buyers – US$49.00

Below is a chart to help you determine your hand size. Currently only have XL and M sizes in stock.


Hopefully back in stock early April

Have plenty of spare parts

Spare Parts

Please carefully choose what model blade you own and then select the option for your model. All options include the Flail-Blades (option-1), as this is the part that is exposed to the most ware.

Option-1; 6 x Spare Blades only.

Option-2; 6 x Spare Blades, plus Sharpening kit.

Option-3; 6 x Spare Blades, plus 6 x and or 12 x Anti-Fouling Blades.

Option-4; 6 x Spare Blades, plus 3 x and or 6 x Pivot Bolt Kit.

Option-5; 6 x Spare Blades, plus 1 x Rubber Impact Disc – Model-17 Blade Only.

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