3.1 – Anti-Vibration Gloves

The Best Anti-Vibration Gloves in the world, PERIOD

These gloves are made for me to the highest standard, by a company in Pakistan that specialises in making the high quality Military and Special Forces gloves.


What makes these anti-vibration gloves stand out from an increasing range of these gloves, is the thickness, softness and location of the silicone gel pads. The location of each gel pad has been worked out through lots of trial and error, to get the best reduction of vibration when tightly gripping a handle bar or trigger control handle like that found on a brush cutter, chain saw or any vibrating hand tools requiring a firm controlling grip.

There is also a wide stretch wrist support strap, to give extra support to the wrist when working for long periods.


The leather is of the highest quality A grade cows hide, for hard wearing and long life. The upper surface is the best quality breathable stretch fabric, with the largest possible surface area to help wick away and evaporate sweat off from your hands on those hot gruelling jobs.


Although these gloves can be used for picking up rubbish, this is not what they are designed for and it recommended that cheaper gloves are used for this purpose.

To find out more about the importance of using anti-vibration gloves, read this page about brush cutter vibration and the effects on the body.

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If you have been through my web site, you will know by now that a believe that one photo is worth a thousand words, below are some more close-ups of the glove holding a brush cutter.

BrushDestructor Anti-Vibration Gloves - 1 (580x352)BrushDestructor Anti-Vibration Gloves - 5 (580x349)BrushDestructor Anti-Vibration Gloves - 10 (580x339)BrushDestructor Anti-Vibration Gloves - 14 (580x326)

Below you can see the silicone gel on the trigger finger, to isolate that finger from vibration.

BrushDestructor Anti-Vibration Gloves - 26 (580x326)

Development of MODEL-17 Glove

Below are photos of the MODEL-16 glove, that I had specially made for myself in light tan leather. This colour which shows up dirt and rub wear very quickly, allowing me to see exactly where the contact points are.


This allows me to put thicker gel exactly where it is needed and no gel where it is not needed, as real high quality Silicone Gel is very expensive.


Better location of gel pads, allows the gloved hand to make a firm contact with the handle bar, with the least amount of effort, and absorb as much vibration as is possible to be achieved from a glove. This was one of the problems with the MODEL-16 gloves with its large surface area of gel on the palm and fingers, taking more effort to curl up the glove and maintain a tight grip.


Another problem with the MODEL-16 gloves and most other gloves for that matter, is that there is no outer side of the index and little fingers, which you can see in the photo below if you look closely.


This causes these fingers to rotate as you roll you fingers up, meaning most of the gel in these finger tips is off to the side and not doing its job. The shaded areas on the glove below show the high contact areas and how the index and little fingers rotate and where the gel should be on these finger to do its job.


Below are the fingertips of the MODEL-17 gloves.


This MODEL-17 prototype with the new layout and thicker gel pads works very well, but with one issue. The large area of the pads on the wrist, did not retain the very soft gel inserts very well and over time this allowed the gel pads to move in their pockets as you can see in the photos below.



The answer to this was to create smaller gel pieces and pockets for then to fit in, to prevent the migration of the pads.

Below is the inside of another prototype glove that took almost a year of trial and error playing around with the size and location of the gel pad to achieve the best result of vibration reduction from a tightly clenched hand around the handles of a brush cutter or chainsaw.


Below you can see how the palm of the hand can more easily roll up around a handle to give a large support area of gel.


In this prototype the gel pads were sewn in place, to give me the flexibility to cut and move them about and play with the shape until I was happy with the result.


With the production gloves shown below, the gel pads are sewn into pockets.


Testing the Prototype MODEL-17 Anti-Vibration Glove

I ended up accidentally trialling out these gloves while using an angle grinder for whole days at a time sanding tree trunks. Below is a couple of photos of building the new deck for the Billabong building at our local showgrounds here in Comboyne. This deck was made from locally sourced tallow wood. The vertical columns were about 400 diameter tree trunks with only their bark removed and were very rough.


I suggested the columns needed to be sanded to make the deck look more in keeping with the existing building it was attached to. That was a big mistake, as everyone said, you’ve got the job. This was a job I had not expected to do on the day, as I had no dust mask, ear muffs or gloves. Only an angle grinder with a course sanding disc.


At the end of the first day, my hands were ringing like a tuning fork. Anything I touched, would make my fingertips ring. It is hard to describe, but anyone who has experienced it will know what I mean. The next day I came prepared with all the gear, including my new anti-vibration gloves. Well after the first half hour, I though these gloves were a waste of time, I could still feel the vibrations of the sanding operation through them. However, at the end of a long hot day, I was aching all over from holding the weight of the angle grinder and for long periods above my head. I wasn’t till I was driving home that it occurred to me that my finger wasn’t ringing as they were the day before, so obviously, the gloves made a did make a big difference.


Like the BrushDestructor Blade, these gloves will continue to evolve over the next couple of years, to do the best possible job of isolating vibration from your hands. To keep these gloves as the best of their class in the world, your feed back will play an important part in this evolution process. I believe that bottom up design is the best way to improve a product, after all, who knows the faults of a product better than the end user.

Price for these gloves, including postage

Australian Buyers - AU$49.00

International Buyers - US$45.00

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All profits from the sale of these gloves and future related items will go towards the development and manufacturer of the BrushDestructor Clearing Machine.